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Tonight’s curries were again superb. Apart from the food quality the service was excellent, as it always is. If you like curry this is the best place to eat
placed by Dave Taylor on the 31st August 2021


Amazing like always
placed by Marta Morawska on the 23rd August 2021

George Hassell

Excellent food as always... highly recommend.
placed by Lisa Hassell on the 14th August 2021

Jay Evans

Stunning vindaloo every time, best around by far
placed by Jay Evans on the 9th August 2021

Best week so far

We order most weeks and this weeks was the best by far, not sure what the correlation is because there is a noticeable difference some weeks
placed by Owen Burt on the 30th July 2021


Beautiful, boiling hot food again. This restaurant continues to deliver great quality and portions of food. Thank you!
placed by Josh Whelpton on the 25th July 2021


Good food again boiling hot when arrived didn’t take long
placed by Anonymous on the 21st July 2021


Lovely food as usual. Quick delivery even tho was accident on the way so they had to go a different way.
placed by Anonymous on the 8th July 2021


Omg the madras was amazing full of flavour but very hot (we have it from here a lot and this was hotter than normal ) but was still lovely thanks very quick delivery
placed by Kelly Gladwyn on the 28th June 2021

Best in a while

While the food is always better than any of the other local Indian restaurants, this time it was on point the flavours where excellent, then chicken tika was fresh and it wasn't oily at all.
placed by Owen Burt on the 19th June 2021

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